Chiropractor vs. Physiotherapist

The first thing that might come to mind when you hear the word chiropractor is “is not a chiropractor the same as a physiotherapist?” Well, the two defer in various ways and aspects. A coventry chiropractor performs exercises and treatments that are specific to chiropractic practices, while a physiotherapist has treatments special to his/her field. This article will show detailed differences between the two by mentioning the characteristics of both.


Physiotherapists must have a doctoral degree in order to work in their field. They might work privately or in medical centers (hospitals and nursing homes). They also might be visiting patients in their houses. The main aims of treatment used by a physiotherapist are improving mobility and reducing pain. Below you can find a step by step procedure of how a physiotherapist would treat a patient:

· See the patient and check for problems.

· Pinpoint where the issue exactly is and what kind of treatment it needs.

· Design a specific weekly or monthly (depending on the health needs of the patient) plan for the patient to reach the set health goals.

· Discussing with the patient on how to properly conduct the exercises.

· Track the progress of the patient.


Chiropractors must also have a doctoral degree in order to work in their field. Although, most chiropractors have their own private clinics, there are some who work at hospitals or other medical centers. The goal of their treatment is to achieve hundred percent physical health by realignment of mainly the spinal cord. The following is a step by step guide on how a chiropractor could treat a patient:

· Meet the patient to examine them.

· Indicating a flaw in the alignment of their body.

· Adjusting or correcting the patient’s alignment.

To conclude, physiotherapists’ treatment is based on long term, while coventry chiropractors are, most of the time, short-term.